Response handling

In order for a refund action, cashback, free-on mail, contest, promotional program or savings program to proceed smoothly, it’s essential to have accurate response processing. Response can be received and processed via e-mail, mobile, site or mail.

Case Response handling

With the introduction of Bonus Miles you could apply for a Bonus Miles card at the Shell service stations by filling in a form. Every day, these forms are forwarded to Hokra. Upon entry, the forms are immediately being counted, checked and scanned. We have a team of data entry specialists who can quickly and accurately import large amounts of data. A capacity of more than 5,000 vouchers per day is available for this promotion. And that was necessary with a response of more than 200,000 submissions. All digitized data has been uploaded in the airmiles system. Every day, in addition to processing, Hokra also provides a report that provides insight into the number of entries per day / per station and the processed response.

Response verwerking Shell

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