Refunds and cashbacks

Refunds, cashbacks and free trials. These are actions to lower the threshold for a first purchase. Hokra has created a sophisticated process to carry out quickly, efficiently and transparently. Through online, offline or via mobile channels. The necessary online tools are available and can be made in the look and feel of our client.

It’s possible to get real-time insights in the results. Hokra can also give you advise on response processing, response limitation, laws and regulations and more. For example, it is advisable to let the consumers take a short questionnaire right away, because that leads to more insight as well.


An example of a refunds/cashback case

Many consumers are not yet familiar with eating exotic fruits such as passion fruit.  And unknown makes unloved. Exotic fruits look very special, so it takes a bit of guts to give it a try. In order to lower the threshold to a first purchase, Hokra developed the campaign ‘Durf jij mij aan?’, meaning ‘Do you dare to accept me?’ in English.

Both through Facebook and POS materials, consumers were challenged to try out the passion fruit. The full purchase amount was returned in after answering a few questions.

More than half bought passion fruit for the first time and indicated that they wanted to do this more often. A large part of the consumers indicated that they would like to be added to the fanbase

Eat me nature's pride

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