Van Oord is active as a leading contractor of dredging, hydraulics and offshore energy projects (oil, gas and wind), offering innovative solutions for the maritime challenges. The company is active in over fifty countries all over the globe. Van Oord wanted to thank its employees for their efforts, last year, and at the same time it wanted to encourage its people to get active.


All employees received a Christmas hamper, which also included a gift voucher. The vouchers contained a URL for a webshop, and a unique code. The webshop was given the look & feel of Van Oord. Employees could log on to the webshop using a unique code. There, they got to choose two items of sports gear, e.g. running gear, cycling gear or a soft shell jacket. All gear was designed in Van Oord colours. All employees received the clothing at the home address. What made it unique is that the gear prints were made on demand. I.e.: no stock but tailored per order.


Employees received quality sports gear, which lowered the threshold to get active. As a bonus, this added to the visibility of the Van Oord brand.

Van Oord Eindejaarsgeschenk sportkleding
Van Oord kerstgeschenkpakket
Van Oord kerstgeschenk bestelsite