Sometimes you want to alternate wearing glasses with wearing contact lenses. During summer activities like water sports, for example. Also, it is important to protect your eyes from UV radiation. This is where ACUVUE® daily lenses can help: they provide comfort, convenience and protection. To draw attention to this on the shop floor and generate additional sales, a summer campaign was developed.


With every purchase of ACUVUE®Daily Lenses consumers received free RoC® Soleil Protect products. This way both their eyes and their body were protected. Hokra developed all the relevant products, e.g.: counter display rack, posters and store display. An inventory of wishes among opticians was leading for the acceptance of the materials, to ensure the greatest possible success rate. Hokra also took care of the design and distribution to all participant opticians.

Acuvue display zomercampagne
Acuvue zomercampagne affiche