L1 is the local broadcaster in the Dutch province of Limburg. On radio and TV. During events that L1 reports on, it wanted to create extra visibility by using a promotional product.


The product had to be relevant, and people had to be able and willing to use it during events. Moreover, the costs had to be low, so that it could be handed out in large numbers. This combination of relevance and large quantities would ensure visibility.

Hokra then developed the L1 wave cushion. It is an inflatable cushion, with a writeable layer on which you can write a witty line using the included marker. By placing your hand in the special opening, you have wave the cushion if you want to cheer someone on. This text can easily be erased. Need a little downtime? Then sit down on the cushion and relax.

Hokra manufactures the cushions in the Far East.


L1 is very visible at many events.

L1 Limburg Live zwaaikussen
L1 Zwaaikussen zitten
L1 Zwaaikussen actiefoto