Kwekkeboom has been making snacks with love for taste and quality since 1900. Recently, the brand has developed a completely new product line: crispy snacks you can prepare in your oven. Hokra was asked to introduce this to trade partners and to activate it with the retail consumer.


Hokra developed the theme for the introduction, it became “Kwekkeboom opens new doors”. The theme has been translated into means such as advertisements, exhibition stand and a striking Kwekkeboom truck with trailer with meeting room and professional kitchen in which trading partners could get to know the Ovens snacks.

As an activation platform towards the consumer, ‘The biggest tasting of NL’ has been developed. Sampling campaigns were organized from this, including the creation of POS material on the Margriet Winterfair, and a trial promotion through the use of a free trial.


The Ovens Snacks from Kwekkeboom are so successful that they fly off the shelves.

Kwekkeboom Oven trailer
Kwekkeboom Oven beurs activatie
Kwekkeboom Oven presentatie trailer
Kwekkeboom oven verpakking