In the Netherlands, People up to 25 years old pay 40% more for their car insurance than if you are over 25 years old. This is because the burden of claims is higher among young people. Interpolis wants to find a solution and make traffic become safer. That is why Interpolis organizes the Auto Experiment: a day in which the target group can participate in 1 of the 3 specially developed tests with the aim of investigating whether young people gain more insight into their driving behavior, the risks and ultimately causing less damage by participating in such a test. The research was led by SWOV (scientific road safety research).

Hokra has been asked to organize the Auto Experiment, because in addition to being useful, it must also be fun and fit the target group.


A 2-day event at the Interpolis headquarters with the title: Interpolis Auto Experiment. The head office was divided into different test areas where participants could participate in the research. With plenty of activities with a link to ‘car driving’. Such as a go-kart track in the parking garage, green screen, game zone, snack corner like in a petrol station etc.

Hokra was also responsible for the registrations, communication to participants and the planning.


A n educational an fun event where nearly 1,000 young people have participated in SWOV scientific research (SWOV Samenvatting). Hierop heeft Interpolis een nieuwe propositie voor de jongeren doelgroep gebaseerd.

Interpolis Autoexperiment prijs
Interpolis Autoexperiment VR Oculus Rift
Interpolis Autoexperiment pindakaas pot