Fonville wanted to get an answer on the question: ‘How can we get our mission and vision clear to all our employees, in all layers of the organization?’


A comic that tells the core values of Fonville. Of course with own cartoon characters. This is a whole process. Based on the desired style of cartoon characters, the names Fons & Vicky came up. Then we started thinking of what to tell in the comics and finally the first comic was launched internally on a staff day. On forehand everyone had already received a summer vacation card with a message, but then nobody knew who it was.


Now the message is being launched through speed frames at all offices and workplaces and all employees receive a nice sustainable water bottle with the characters on it and the story in the bottle.

This has led to better awareness of the internal core values of FonFeel and everything that is current within the organization of Fonville Cleaning Companies. This remains a continuous process.

Fonville illustratie
Fonville illustratie
Fonville waterfles