BMW Motorrad has launched a new campaign “Make life a ride”. The goal is to turn BMW Motorrad into a lifestyle brand. The communication will focus on the brand in the future and a lot less on the product. This allows BMW Motorrad to distinguish itself well from the competition, which mainly communicates product-oriented.

Hokra has been asked to make the campaign known to motorcyclists in an original way and to get the drivers involved.


Hokra came up with the BMW Quest. At the motorcycle fair in February and via Social Media, motorcyclists were invited to take part in the quest. In 5 regions the golden key was sought. Whoever found the golden key first and could also give the correct code word, got to drive for half a year on a BMW engine of their own choice. In addition, all 5 regional winners received a free GoPro camera.

Motorcyclists received tips via SMS, with these tips they were guided along a beautiful route to the golden key.


More than 1700 riders participated in the Quest and had a great day.

BMW Motorrad Quest Motors
BMW Motorrad Quest winnaar
BMW Motorrad Quest flesjes water