On March 29, we organize our annual Marketing Trends Event. With the latest trends, insights and inspiring examples.

Tracy Cheung - TrendsActive

“Connected Society”

by Tracy Cheung, researcher at TrendsActive

You will learn more about why on one hand people are addicted to using their smartphones, but on the other why so many are also unplugging from technology. We will be sharing some existing underlying human motivations behind the way people use technology and also discuss new behaviours and expectations that are created due to the use of tech. More importantly, we hope to inspire brands on how they can use these human insights to be more consumer-centric in the current Connected Society.

Djaja van den Berg - Instock

“Real Connection”

by Djaja van den Berg from Instock.

Connected Society is also about being meaningful. Instock is committed to preventing food waste. A wonderful goal on which a successful social enterprise is built. How did this occur? Why is Instock so successful? Which trends is success based on? And what can marketers learn from this?

Where and when?

De Vort 5, Noordeloos
Thursday, March 29, 2018
Walk-in: 16.00
End of program: 18.15 hours
snacks and drinks: until 7 p.m.

Take part?

You are cordially invited. You can register via the contact form below.