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For some time I had the ambition to start for myself. But if you want to professionally serve your customers, you need more than just a car and a laptop. Through my network I came into contact with Hokra and then it was very clear to me that this is the professionalism I am looking for. Everything is arranged and so I can also arrange everything from start to end for my customers. And because my back office is arranged as well, I can focus on what I like. And that is helping my customers. I am very happy that Hokra came on my path and that I can now become part of such a professional company and creative club of people. I am independent, but we do it together!

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Some of our clients:

What can we do for you?

The personal contact with customers always produces good good conversations, and original ideas. Sometimes we get things done at the cup of coffee and sometimes we need a few more. Our business card also features a coffee stain. Because if we want to create impact, it often costs a few cups of coffee!

We look at every application in our own Hokra way, but we mainly try to come up with unique concepts and products. contact me if you want to do something different than usual. I like to think along with you as a customer! I am very proud that I get to work with, and help a broad variety of clients.

Hoe does Hokra Overijssel work?

I work from within my own area together with my clients. The local connection and the short lines work well, because we both speak the same language. That personal connection, that’s what we love at Hokra and you can see that in the plans we make for our customers. We try to be unique for every customer and that is our distinctive character. In addition, I find it important that if I am not available, that there is always someone in the office, so we can always talk to you.

“A guilty pleasure every now and then should be allowed, right?”

– Karlijn Kieneker-Sjardijn –

Foto Karlijn

Let’s introduce

What is Hokra Overijssel, Karlijn?

Guilty Pleasures?

At least once a month I drive to the office in Noordeloos. Usually I take a Caramel Machiato from the Starbucks. A guilty pleasure every now and then should be allowed, right? We also have a Starbucks in Enschede, but I never get there. It’s just a perfect match: Noordeloos and Starbucks.


This should of course be compensated and you can regularly see me cycling through Enschede with my ‘Yoga-mat’, because I have been practicing Pilates for some time now. In addition, I have been golfing since the start of Business Open. It is wonderful to be outside, although it doesn’t always run smooth. But practice makes perfect.

Favorite time of year?
Spring is surely my favorite. I love it how everything slowly gets fresh and green on the trees again. Especially when the sun starts to shine and the trees start to blossom again. We can wear thinner clothes and we get some color on our face again. Everyone around you gets energy and everyone can be found outside again. The terraces in Enschede are full at the first sun rays and that is really a wonderful feeling!

I love to go touring with my family or walk with our four-legged friend. I like beautiful cars and when I can drive a ‘new’ car, I will take that chance. Good food and cooking is inextricably linked to me. This of course does not apply to everyone, but I like to try new dishes in the kitchen. I like having fun in the kitchen, that is very soothing … and most of the time, it’ll taste good as well. I really love being tegether with my friend, having fun. And of course I like my work very much. Being creative and fully empathizing with your customers feels like a hobby for me.


With Hokra we always support a charity and I think it’s great to contribute. But I also try to support some regional causes myself. In addition to being a blood donor for several years, I try to look at what I can contribute to regionally every year. Do you have dreams? ‘I Have a dream ..’ (Martin Luther King), I certainly have one.
If you want to know more about it, let’s have a cup of coffee, then I’ll tell you all about it.

Malvern Panalytical – Promoshop

Malvern Panalytical – Promoshop

How do you keep a grip on uniformity and quality?

Fonville – Internal activation

Fonville – Internal activation

How do you ensure that your mission and vision is clear to all employees?



How do you ensure a better NPS score?

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