A well-chosen and original Christmas gift can bring a lot to both your employees and customers because it is one of the best communication moments of the year. That is why it is important to clarify what you want to say to your customers or employees. Look and on this basis we help you to a super cool Christmas gift.

Many clients already went before you, below you can check out some examples:


Do you want an original Christmas gift for your employees or customers? We make a free concept for you. For this we do need some information. By remark or question you can indicate whether you already have an idea, for whom and what kind of end-of-year gift you think.


Alklima Christmas sweater
Alklima organized a Christmas BBQ for its customers. Each invitee received a unique knitted Christmas sweater with the products of Alklima in the pattern.

Van Oord Christmas gift employees

Van Oord attaches great importance to the sustainable deployment of its employees. To stimulate this, Van Oord developed the Stayfit program. This must be made known to the employees. The Christmas present is a good time for that. Under the Stayfit theme in 2018, Hokra developed a Stayfit kit that includes a cookbook with healthy recipes made by Van Oord employees and cooking aprons. Also included was a unique code with which one could order a Stayfit gift via a webshop.

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