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Promotional products on an exhibition

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The promotional products you use at an exhibition can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful participation. You take part in a trade fair to meet new customers and introduce them to your company. Visitors do not just come to your stand, you have to ‘lure’ them and hold them. Promotional items play a connecting role in this.

Choose your promotional products wisely

It is important to pay close attention to choosing the right promotional products for the fair. To make a good choice, you have to ask yourself what your primary objective is on the exhibition. Do you want to bring extra attention to a product or service? Do you want to attract more visitors or do you want to give a promotional article to visitors as a reminder to the visit or the conversation?

If you know what you want to achieve, then you can focus on what you have to do to achieve this. There are many different promotional items that you can choose from.


At various trade fairs we see many examples of companies that have really understood it. For example, there are companies that ask visitors to participate in an activity and thus have a chance to win a nice prize, in exchange for the contact details. Another good example is the use of the kuli. The kuli, the German word for pen, is put in a jacket or blouse in a particular way when someone enters the exhibition. Only 1 out of 100 people manage to get the kuli out of it themselves. The remaining 99 are referred to a booth to have the kuli removed.

Applicable gift

One of our customers, the Genpower company, is a supplier of aggregates and has shown a hybrid aggregate at the fair. By using a sturdy battery pack, the hybrid generator is much more economical, more environmentally friendly and quieter. Moreover, the aggregate looks great. You could say that it is a power bank. That is why it was decided to give away a power bank after a conversation with a client or promising prospects with the aim of permanently reminding them of this introduction. And the best part is that the power bank looks exactly like the hybrid generator from GenPower. How appropriate is that ?!

Let Hokra advise you!

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