The 8 most striking gadgets of CES 2017!

By 17 January 2017 November 23rd, 2018 No Comments

At the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas we find the latest gadgets and trends. The stock market is very popular worldwide and receives a lot of media attention. At CES, besides all kinds of drones, laptops and VR glasses, you can also find a lot of gadgets. We put the 8 most striking gadgets in a row for you!

1. The BBQ cleaner

Nobody wants to clean the BBQ after a nice day having fun with friends and family. With the Grillbot you can stand back and the grill will shine like new again

2. Print your own post-its

We use post-its for almost everything: For shopping and to-do lists. With this new gadget called ‘Nemonic’ you do not have to have a pen nearby, but just print your post-it from your phone. Clever isn’t it?

3. From waste to compost

One of the winners at CES 2017 was this Whirlpool’s Zera Food Recycler. This trash can turn a week of food waste into compost for your garden! That is another handy and durable gadget! The price will be around $1200.

4. The smart hairbrush

Everything seems to be ‘smart’ nowadays, so should the hairbrush. In collaboration with Andrélon, this smart hairbrush gives you advice on the quality of your hair and the best care products.

5. Intelligent pillow

To be able to sleep well your body temperature has to drop a little. However, your pillow stays warm and so you turn it to the cool side – a few times. With Moona the smart pillow, your pillow always stays at a pleasant temperature. Handy for when you’re having trouble getting asleep!

6. Let children move again

Overweight among children is becoming a big problem. Children don’t play outside as often as they should and therefore they do not move enough. Fisher-Price’s arrived at the CES with the Smart Cycle. It’s a kind of hometrainer for children with which they can move in a fun way.

7. Spartan underwear

We receive a lot of radiation every day. We have all heard the stories that radiation can affect the vital parts of the man. The men of Spartan Underware came up with a boxer that blocks 99% of the radiation! Made with anti-bacterial silver fibers!

8. Scarf with air filter

Everyone wants to breathe clean air, but unfortunately there is (sometimes a lot of) particulate matter in the air. The makers of Wair invented a scarf with an air filter. That way you do not have to wear an ugly mouthpiece, but you can just be fashionable on the street. Cost for this gadget: 55 euros.

As you can see, we found a lot of fun and clever gadgets at the CES!