Trial marketing: How to?

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Trial marketing comes in different shapes and sizes. For example, companies that offer software can offer a free trial of 14 or 30 days. During this period, a prospect can use the software free of charge and then decide whether or not to purchase it. When it comes to trial marketing in combination with a physical product, in most cases a cash-back is chosen.

How come trial marketing is effective?

In the first place, trial marketing can provide more confidence in your company or your products. People do not have to go blind into somewhere or make an investment anymore, but with trial marketing they can try it out for free or at a small cost. In addition, there is the certainty that one is not attached to anything yet. In addition, trial marketing ensures, for the same reasons, a boost in your sales.

Strengthen your brand on the market

New brands can have a hard time on the market, especially when there is strong competition. To be able to strengthen the brand on the market, in a relatively short time, trial marketing can be chosen. When something is free or with a cash-back to try, it is always strongly responded to. As a result, many people will come into contact with the brand and will point others to the trial as well. The brand can therefore immediately occupy a good position on the market.

Cash-back and free trials

Companies make the most use of free trials and cash-back actions, depending on what is offered. Online services and products, such as subscriptions and software, are more often offered in the form of a free trial. Companies that sell products, such as coffee machines or printers, guarantee a cash back. In most cases, a leaflet is added to the product that can be filled in to receive (part of) the purchase price when submitting the purchase receipt or serial number.

Information and advice

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