Product introduction: 5 must-read tips!

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Launching a new product is far from easy. You need a tight schedule and you need to know exactly which means you want to use to ensure that the product launch is as successful as possible.

Tips for a better product launch

We have collected 5 important tips that help you to make your product introduction as successful and effective as possible.

1. Approach testers before the launch date

Go looking for testers a few weeks before the product launch. Choose this consciously. A good option is for example the choice for bloggers and vloggers, real influencers. Have them test your product so that you immediately have strong ambassadors for the launch.

2. Look for the right press companies

It is good to start looking for and addressing press companies about 8 weeks before the official product introduction. The press is your best friend. Approach the different press batches at different times, so that attention is also given to the launch at several moments.

3. Get the attention of trendwatchers

Trend watchers can be a big help with putting your product directly on the market. Approach them personally and explain in your unique way why your product is the new must-have on the market.

4. Make sure you have strong partners

Take a look at your customers, to see which customers have the most benefit of your new product and approach them as partners. The more enthusiastic they are about the product, the more they will be committed to making it successful.

5. Keep communicating

Communicating nowadays can be done in a lot of different ways. Use as many ways as possible. Continue to give presentations, continue to appeal to social media and keep posting blogs about your new product.

Good at trial marketing

After a good product introduction, it is necessary to strengthen your product or brand on the market, for example through trial marketing. Do you want to introduce your product effectively, strongly and successfully? We are happy to advise you. Feel free to contact us.