Loyalty programs: Do they still work?

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Loyalty programs come in all shapes and sizes. The most famous Dutch examples are probably the Douwe Egberts savings stamps and the Albert Heijn bonus card. Then there are the additional actions, where you can save stamps. Does this still work in this ‘online society’?

Yes, Loyalty programs do still work …

Those who buy bonus products at the Albert Heijn, but do not have an AH bonus card, do not receive the discount on the products. Smart! This ensures that everyone wants an AH bonus card, because who doesn’t love a discount? This immediately shows that loyalty programs certainly work, but they must be up to date. For example, the Albert Heijn customers can also enter their bonus card number on the website to get online discounts as well.

Are saving stamps from the past?

We have a nice example of how even the smallest loyalty programs still work in modern times. The village of Noordwijkerhout has published ‘noffies’ for decades. You got noffies in almost every store in the village. With a full savings account you received a 5 euro voucher that you could use again in all these stores. Recently the noffies and the noffies booklets have been exchanged for a pass. Yet, stamps are not completely out of time. Just look at the savings campaigns of supermarkets. How often do we see social media requests pass by to get the necessary savings stamps together?

What you can ‘win’ with it

Ultimately, the success of a loyalty is determined by what can be ‘won’. We do a lot for discounts and we like to save stamps for a pans or glass set. But, if we have to pay something for the stamps, we do not need them. For example, the Albert Heijn sometimes has stamp actions where you have to add a some money yourself. You get a stamp per € 10, – if you pay an extra € 0.10. We do not like that.

How to set up a loyalty program

Do you want to set up an effective loyalty program, manage it and analyze the information easily in order to benefit from it? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.