From social to sales

By 27 February 2018 November 23rd, 2018 No Comments

All those clicks on your posts in social media. Superb. It says something about the likeability of your posts. But does it increase your interaction ? Or even better, would it lead to a transaction or even a sale? it’s hard. We know.

One of the most successful techniques to stimulate sales is the ‘good old cashback’. It still works. But would it be possible to create engagement with beautiful posts and images, then make a ‘free trial’ offer and then convert from social media to your shop? Where the ‘free trial’ is a cashback method. We will gladly run that experiment. A website, a few posts and some media budget caused a stream of registrations. Consumers were involved, were willing to answer a few questions, wanted to go to the fanbase and went to the store to make a purchase. This has been tested on various products and categories. The results can easily be called good. For example, an average of 60% suggests buying the product for the first time and an average of 40% wants to be in the fanbase. More results?

Recently we have successfully implemented this mechanism for EAT ME passion fruit.

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