What do #gadgets have to do with #confidence and #binding?

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Bye 2017. Another year that has flown by. That’s what springs to mind during the last working days of this year. An interesting question: has it become what I expected? I take a look at my blogs and my list of goals.

On the fourth of January, I wrote that promotional products with technological gadgets will do well in 2017. This was once again confirmed at the PSI, the largest trade fair for promotional products (watch the video that we made at the fair here).
The water alerts, photo frame with built-in bluetooth speaker, smart writingset, 3d selfie, phone case with integrated selfie stick stole the show. Has this trend continued? Yes it did. Everyone likes this type of gadgets and you can link an excellent message to them.

bluetooth speaker lijstje

Our marketing trend session in March was about the lack of trust, the trust gap and that there are opportunities for companies here. Doing exactly what you promise, and admit if it goes wrong. Solving problems and sincerely wanting to fill a gap in society are solutions. And are these solution directions used? I can see signs of this: the number of social companies is increasing, existing companies are developing programs to really listen to their customers, and if something goes wrong, apologies are made. Sometimes they apologise by sending gifts. That’s where we can help. Largely automated, by the way.

In 2017 we have found out that it is people. It’s about connection. To solve problems. For the added value that you and I have to offer as a person. All techniques in spite. It is a real connection. Technique can help. Socialselling got big in 2017. And it is going to be even bigger in 2018. I wonder if I will be looking forward to it next year around this time.