Which expression fits your target group and objective best?

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What is the best premium? What is the best image? What fits our target group best? Decisions are almost always made on the basis of a gut feeling. And every colleague has an opionion about it. In many organizations there is an increasing need to substantiate decisions and to make the right choice. That is why we introduce the ‘implicit association test’. This allows us to measure in which promotional article or advertisement best suits your target group and objectives. How does it work?

Approximately 90% of our thoughts and purchases are driven from our unconscious brain.

Our unconscious brain affects everything we think and do. This also has an effect on what we think of certain advertising, slogans, texts, designs, products and services. Why does one advertisement expressly appeal to the target group and the other does not, or why do the brand associations differ from different advertisements? This is exactly what can be investigated with the Implicit Association Test (IAT). By using the implicit association test you can find out what your target group really thinks of your brand expressions and which brand values ​​they associate with these expressions.

During the implicit association test, participants have to link brand associations to brand expressions within a few hundred milliseconds. As a result, the brain has no time to make a well-considered choice and choices are made on the basis of feeling (the unconscious). A big advantage of this method is that the test can be carried out quickly and with relatively few participants is very reliable.

The implicit association test can easily be taken in the specially developed software CX_data. Within CX_data you quickly set up a test and you can analyze the test results on a clear dashboard. You can see exactly which brand associations are to what extent with the tested branded products. The CX_Data software gives you the ability to easily measure in advance.