6 characteristics of a good point of sale

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Point of sale is promotional material that guarantees a good result, but the right attention must be paid to the characteristics. By offering or placing promotional material at the location of the transaction, the chance of purchase is quite large. We give you six characteristics of a strong point of sale.

1. Remarkable colors

Using the right colors is very important. Harde, felle en contrasterende kleuren doen het aanzienlijk beter dan neutrale kleuren die weinig opwekken. Wees dus niet bang om eens voor wat opvallende kleuren te kiezen in een point of sale.

2. The use of visuals

Images are more powerful than words. We work with images more and more to convey information, in the world of marketing as well. Enrich your point of sale with visual material, for example to clarify the benefits of a product / service.

3. Providing proof

Every brand will say that his or her product or service is the best available on the market, but can you prove it? Add tables or graphs to your point of sale to show that this is actually the case, for example in comparison with similar products and services from competing companies.

4. Add leaflets and brochures

Not everyone has the time to a lot of attention to point of sale. Make sure that there is promotional material as well to take with you, so your customers can look at what you have to offer.

5. Show the advantages

People must always have a reason to use a service or to purchase a product. The presentation of the advantages at a point of sale is indispensable. You can also make good use of video material.

6. Adress directly

For whom is the product or service actually meant? Make this clear by personalizing it. Talk to the target group directly, formally or informally, as this best suits your target group.

Get advise for making POS

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