5 trends for Promotional products in 2017

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Promotional products are available in endless varieties, which means that you, as an entrepreneur, have a lots of choice. We are dealing with ever-changing trends when it comes to promotional items. We have listed the 5 most important trends for 2017 for you.

1. High-quality promotional items

Previously, companies bought thousands of cheap items with logo printing at the same time, so they could give them away to all kinds of customers . This is really no longer the way it works in 2017. The trend is to give away promotional articles that are of high quality, useful and durable.

2. Durable and environmentally friendly

Paying attention to the environment plays an increasingly important role in society. Companies that offer sustainable and ‘green’ promotional items are, by definition, better appreciated by customers and prospects. Bamboo pens are much better received in 2017 than pens made of plastic, for example.

3. Creative packaging

In 2017 not only the promotional article itself is important, but also the packaging. The presentation must be striking, effective and creative. It is ideal to present your promotional products in a package that fits the company well, by adapting it to your corporate identity.

4. Technological promotional items

The trend of technological promotional items will continue to grow in 2017. Examples include portable audio equipment, but the power bank is very popular as well. An advantage of this technological trend is that the possibilities are expanding, making the options more budget-friendly for companies as well.

5. Promotional items as part of the marketing strategy

It is becoming increasingly important to include promotional items in the complete marketing strategy, especially for entrepreneurs who have a stand at an exhibition. As of lately, at least two different promotional products are chosen. The more advantageous option may be included by prospects without consideration, but in exchange for the more expensive option, the prospects must leave their contact details.

Curious about the possibilities?

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