In many organizations, stress hits a few weeks before Christmas. Should we do something towards our customers? Send them a nice gift? A promotional gift? Or? As with many things, it is more convenient to decide this early on and deal with it in a more planned manner. But how?

  1. Consider business gifts as a communication channel. You can convey a message, cause a smile and give a token of appreciation. That makes sense, because business gifts are received with open arms while mailings are not read and advertisements are clicked away.
  2. Decide what you would like to achieve and say with the gift. Perhaps there have been notable events, developments within your organization that you want to bring to your attention, results that you want to share. Think about it.
  3. Consider which relations you want to give something. Both at company level and at personal level. Do not take any risks. Make sure nobody feels passed.
  4. Consider whether you want to send the gift or whether it is delivered in person.
  5. Make a short briefing in which points 2,3 and 4 are clearly described.
  6. Challenge yourself, colleagues and / or a specialized agency to come up with ideas.
  7. Select the ideas, on the basis of the briefing and choose for the most striking idea.
  8. Write a catchy or beautiful text that fits the message you want to tell and the gift that you are going to give. Make a nice card or letter.
  9. Pay attention to the packaging.
  10. Send your gifts on time. Keep in mind that there will be a Christmas rush. Open your mailbox for the reaction of your customers. They’ll appreciate it. They really will.

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