No matter how great your product, service or brand, if you don’t communicate about it, it will never be a success.

Bringing people and brands together

Hokra is a full service agency for promotional communication. You can come to us for striking brand activation, creative promotional items, effective marketing service and everything related to it. We are a special agency that looks at things differently. We understand that, besides good ideas, it is about perfect execution, keeping an eye on the goal and the world around us. With a complete package that benefits you; from (de) briefing, strategy and concept to realization, result measurement and evaluation.

Our experience has brought us to where we are today. An innovative agency with strong hands and thoughts, a network with which we can conquer the world. Full of passion, creativity and enthusiasm we are always looking for ways to bring your brand to the attention in a creative way. Because we really bring brand and people together. And that is special in a world where the number of communication impulses is increasing.

Hokra balie

Go big (or go home)

We do a lot for that to bring out the best in ourselves and the project. We are strivers, very precise and we all get a boost from delivering quality. Finery or bravado is not our thing. We just like to meet expectations; not only for the quality of the products and services we provide, but also for the quality of our organisation, the result of our work and sustainability. We set the bar high – we know that – but we get energy from challenges.

He who does good meets well

If you say that you like to take care of the world around you, you should not only realize this with regard to sustainability. That is why we support a charity that is our past: Stichting Hulphond. A charity that looks at certain physical and mental questions in a different way. That is why they offer solutions that change people’s lives.

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Martin de Winter

Director / Partner
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Jantina Leeuwis

Sr. Account manager / Partner
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Ankie Crielaard

Deputy director / Partner
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Karlijn Kieneker

Consultant / General manager Hokra Overijssel
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Tyno Koelewijn

Consultant / Partner Centraal Nederland
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Arjan Adriaanse

Sr. Account manager
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Patricia Kroeze

Sr. Project manager
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Carla van Dijk

Project manager
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Sander Barendregt

Project manager
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Daan van Dijk

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Namalee Donker

Project manager / Marketing services
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Loes Doeland

Marketing services
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Liesbeth van Waas

Marketing services
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Trudie Groen

Marketing services
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Marjan Muilwijk

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Annet Blokland

Receptionist / Telephone operator
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Margriet van Meerkerk

Administrative clerk
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Martijn Puper

Warehouse manager
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Mark de Lange

Warehouse employee
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